Leading CRM Consulting 

What is CRM? Today it is more of a strategy than it is a product.  We market and promote CRM Consulting because more often than not that is what companies are looking for.  

"What we do is help organizations maximize their investment in social, marketing, sales and customer service technology.  We work closely with sales, marketing and service leaders to develop a winning CRM strategy and get improved results with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Over the past 15 years we've gotten pretty good at it too!"

How do we do it? We do have a recipe for success.  Our founder, Brian Demoe, with permission from Carnegie Mellon developed a "Sales Maturity Model" after realizing the similarities between individuals trying to achieve predictable sales performance and predictable software engineering performance. This approach allows us to implement the right level of sophistication for process and technology that aligns with the sales process and technology maturity level. We often refer to this as Crawl, Walk, Run but the approach is a bit more scientific and also applies to an organization looking to implement any technology for their Social strategy, Marketing strategy, Customer Service strategy, etc. 

Our skilled consultants have over 20 years of experience and 500+ CRM implementations. We excel at complex projects that require multiple integration points, multiple disciplines of social, marketing, sales and service. We get results.


We take the time to fully understand your business and its needs before we begin any implementation. Our consultants bridge the gap between business and IT. Both groups work well with Atrio and appreciate our ability to translate requirements issues between the groups. 

    • Our Focus -   Atrio is 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. We are not distracted by a competing CRM platform nor are we distracted by other complicated business applications such as ERP. Atrio specializes in the implementation and on-going support of Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as the execution of sales force productivity. We speak the language of Sales/Marketing, as well as IT and we can quickly translate user needs into a solution.
    • Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Experience -  Atrio is a Microsoft Gold Partner with CRM specialization. Over the past 20 years, we have conducted over 500+ Microsoft CRM implementations and remain as a trusted advisor to our existing customers both here in the U.S. and abroad.
    • Our Streamlined Implementation Approach -  Based on our years of experience we have developed a streamlined implementation methodology which provides the flexibility to map sales and marketing processes into CRM.
    • Our Mentoring and Training Philosophy -  Atrio’s goal is to make our customers self-sufficient with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Weaved throughout our implementation process is the opportunity to be mentored by Atrio staff. With end-user training, our goal is to teach CRM “habits.”  We focus on “how people should use the system,” as opposed to just teaching features and functions.  
    • Our Sales and Marketing Concentration -  We work with our clients to improve the execution of sales and marketing plans; focusing on processes and technologies. We assist in creating effective, repeatable processes which can then be automated, optimizing performance, and becoming more efficient.

    Atrio truisms & values

    Rule:  Meet or exceed client expectations...always!


    • Our goal is to be an organization of high integrity providing quality solutions. Project quality shall rein over immediate profits.
    • Resourcefulness beats resources . . . every time.
    • We hire intelligent people who are expected to contribute and make important decisions on an on-going basis.
    • Results rein over effort.
    • We are committed to finding and delivering solutions to our clients, internal and external. Inaction is unacceptable; we must take managed risks to solve problems.
    • Respect and integrity for individuals. Each team member is responsible for providing prompt assistance to a member in need.
    • Open and honest communications. We must always work with the facts, bad or good.
    • We are members of our community. We invest in our community for our mutual prosperity.

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                                Atrio HQ - Bloomfield Hills, MI

                                Atrio HQ - Bloomfield Hills, MI

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