Crack the Code of Sales and Marketing Alignment  

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is an age-old problem,
frequently lamented, yet rarely addressed or solved. A new survey shows the
lack of alignment is actually becoming a bigger problem today and the
disconnect is having a direct effect on top and bottom line performance.   This report reveals the results of a comprehensive survey that uncovers
why sales and marketing teams are not aligned and, better yet, defines a
path forward. To download this report by DemandGen and InsideView, please fill in form below.  To learn more, please attend our webinar on January 24th.  Click here to register.

Field Service by Microsoft

Most organizations today are still leveraging legacy field-service applications that are holding them back.  If you are like me you have probably experienced this lack of customer service just in the past week!  Companies like Uber are re-defining business models across multiple industries.  There are competitors aggressively competing with new and innovative technology that helps change the game and capture share away from your company.  

It may be time for your organization to re-think your field-service strategy and investigate how new, innovative technology can help you revolutionize your business model towards profitability and more loyal customers.  We want to help!  To start, please download the most recent eBook published by Microsoft.  Or contact us to start the discussion today.

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Upgrading from CRM 2011 (or previous versions)  through Software Assurance Planning Services

Learn what Microsoft Dynamics Planning Services can do for you in planning for your upgrade.  Please fill out the form below to download your planning guide.



The Microsoft CRM Marketer's Guide to Creating a

Marketing wants to increase brand awareness.  Sales people want leads....good leads.  The predictable business excels at connecting marketing and sales into one seamlessly integrated platform.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions deliver on this exceedingly well!  In preparation for our upcoming webinar please feel free to download the eBook from our partner ClickDimensions.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social for Everyone

"In today's social and mobile world, you may encounter negative sentiment at some point during the life of your business. In our latest e-book Your Brand Sux, we focus on how to reap the rewards of customer feedback on social, even if it isn't always positive." - Microsoft

Sink or Sell

The way people buy has fundamentally changed.  Today's customer is smarter.  They are connected via their mobile device and their social network.  They are more self-sufficient than ever before.  Your sales strategy and execution must adapt to keep up.

Marketers need to have the ability to develop and deliver great content across multiple channels.  Marketing needs to challenge the way customers think to educate and solve problems customers don't know they have.

Sales reps need real-time access to the results of marketing in order to follow up with clients immediately.  They need the ability to collaborate with marketing, product management and peers to increase their win rate.

Sales Managers need greater visibility across all sales activities in order to improve coaching of sales representatives in order to make more effective and efficient. 

Everyone needs access anywhere, on any device.