Photo by GuidoVrola/iStock / Getty Images

In the fast paced age of connected manufacturing everything has changed, but one thing hasn't - the need for accurate forecasting and customer intimacy in sales and service.  When a global robotics manufacturer needed to improve their lead effectiveness, they contacted Atrio.  Starting small, Atrio implemented and trained U.S. operations department, by department.  

Over time, a complete CRM platform was leveraged in multiple languages across sales, marketing and service departments.  The results were unprecedented!

“Thanks to Atrio in just 3 short months we were able to go live on a lead-management system which increased our follow-up rate to over 90%. Over time we were also able to increase our forecast accuracy to 100%...all for a fraction of what it would have normally cost of our current ERP/CRM platform.
— VP Sales, Global Manufacturer