CRM for Small Business

A Microsoft Office365
Add-On Product

Atrio has created a special offering and solution specifically for Small Businesses. Configured by Atrio, powered and hosted by Microsoft Office365. 

Designed to provide rapid time to value and allow your organization to kick-start your business in key growth areas:

  • Attract and develop new prospective customers through digital marketing such as email, web content, SMS, social, etc.
  • Create a repeatable opportunity management process to ensure opportunities are followed-up on in a timely manner and are treated with the highest priority.
  • Create and develop a retention policy to keep and grow existing clients and repeatable business.



In order to best help you determine if and when investing in CRM is right for your business we offer the following resources that should help.

  1. Is your business ready for CRM (by Microsoft) ? 
  2. Schedule a 30 minute meeting with our CRM Specialist(s) 
  3. Check out the quick CRM overview video below

After entering your information in the form, an Atrio team member will reach out to address and assist you with any questions you may have.