CRM For Lobbyists

Microsoft Dynamics
Add-On Tools

Manage your firm better with all of your data in one location and accessible across your firm.  Offer innovative approaches to clients and prospective clients through social networking and web site integration. 

Improve operational efficiency by simplifying contribution management, tracking legislative changes, and reducing the time it takes to create and provide accurate client updates.  Automate fund raising event management with powerful campaign and event management capabilities. 

Reduce data entry and reduce errors when you integrate to your accounting system, such as Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, web site, bill tracking web sites; or other systems. 

Rich in features:


  • Contribution management
  • Retainer management
  • Coordinate fund raising events 
  • Client communication tracking 
  • Legislator activity tracking 
  • Follow-up reminders 
  • E-mail tracking 
  • Expense tracking 
  • Contact management 
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange and POP e-mail systems 
  • SharePoint integration 

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Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to maximize ROI through increased supportability and upgradeability - Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office - Installed at your office or hosted by Microsoft.