Dynamics CRM & LinkedIn – (3) Reasons Why Pairing Microsoft Dynamics CRM & LinkedIn Creates the Most Impactful Technology for Modern Sales

As many know, LinkedIn has proven to play an integral role in the lives of anyone in sales or sales leadership.   If you are fortunate enough to subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will agree that this is one of the best assets available to anyone in sales today. LinkedIn Sales Navigator employs the power of LinkedIn's abundant network to help sales professionals in a unique and brilliant way.  Modern sales professionals use Sales Navigator to find and build relationships with prospects and customers through social selling.

Social selling with Sales Navigator allows you the enhanced capabilities to find the right people, stay informed, and build meaningful relationships.  Lead Builder within Sales Navigator uses advanced searching capabilities that allow you to find and focus on the right prospects.  Monitoring the activity on a target company or specific lead is automated through Insights.  You are also able to keep informed about who has viewed your profile.  Lastly, you can leverage connections between people at your company and the target company with TeamLink and connect directly to customers and prospects through InMail. 

Each of these tools provides unprecedented opportunity for leveraging social technology to build a strong pipeline.

At this point, you are likely aware that Microsoft purchased LinkedIn.  Perhaps you have considered the possibilities of how LinkedIn technology brought into Microsoft’s own CRM platform may impact the effectiveness of your sales team.  Microsoft has built LinkedIn functionality directly into their own CRM solution creating what we believe, and Forrester agrees that this is, by far, the most important tool in a salesperson’s bag.

Finally, consider the economics of the marriage of LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator on its own was $100/user/month.  Microsoft Dynamics, is roughly $95/user/month.  NOW Microsoft has released a special offer that allows organizations to get both Sales Navigator and CRM for $135/user/month.  This is an incredible opportunity to put the power of this combination in your corner.

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