Increase your Sales and Marketing Effectiveness with Versium Predict in Dynamics 365 CRM

Versium Predict delivers automated predictive analytics solutions (Predictive Scores), which provide actionable data intelligence faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the cost of alternative predictive marketing solutions.

Versium Predict, which is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales, will allow users to leverage data science and programmatic machine learning to prioritize leads for sales and marketing and create custom audiences for improved campaign performance

Predicting Sales
Versium Predict is designed to help users forecast when consumers and businesses are most likely to purchase products or services, and what they are likely to buy.

  • Build Predictive Models: Analyze your marketing lists to create a model of the business or consumer lead characteristics that correlate with desired behaviors with the Predictive Analytics Model Builder.
  • Score leads: Using a predictive model for a specific behavior, you can score a Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM marketing list to see who in that list is more likely to do a specific behavior, such as clicking a link in an email campaign.
  • Generate new leads: Generate a new list of leads based on a predictive model. The new list will be imported into Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM as a "leads" marketing list
  • Enhance your lead data: Enhance your marketing lists with additional information from Versium Predict Data Warehouse, such as email addresses, phone numbers, financial information, social network information, and demographic data.  If you would like to see a demo, please register below.