Employee Self-Service

Sharing Knowledge across the Enterprise: Introducing Employee Self-Service

At Atrio we've witnessed a dramatic shift  in what employees need with our customers.  Many clients have the need to efficiently transfer knowledge from the outgoing "Baby-Boomers" who are retiring to the upcoming "Millennials".  There is a distinct difference in the way these two demographics prefer to work.  Millennials are highly digital and prefer 'on-demand' information.  We are also seeing a greater need to make important information available to every employee across the enterprise in a much more efficient manner. Below is a quick summary on how we are solving this challenge for enterprises.  Please contact us to learn more or see a tailored demonstration just for you.

"Microsoft Dynamics Employee Self-Service empowers employees with enterprise knowledge. Some of the biggest drains on employee productivity and engagement come from one thing: a lack of available knowledge. Whether it’s an IT, HR, or customer service question, having to search multiple places or contact another employee for knowledge that is available, but not easily found, wastes valuable time and effort.

This short video shows how Microsoft Dynamics Employee Self-Service makes a company’s knowledge accessible, consistent, and available everywhere." (source: Microsoft Dynamics Cafe)