Reducing Lead to Loan Close Times

Dynamics CRM for Banking and Lending

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting or needing something right-away but having to wait to get it.  Perhaps you had plans to remodel your kitchen.  Perhaps it was a new car you desperately needed for that new job that starts next week requiring reliable transportation.  Time is of the essence.  You need something and you NEED IT NOW! 

What is ironic in this situation is that most companies in business today want to provide you the same product or service just as badly as you want or need it.  So that begs the question - WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG? Where's the disconnect?

At Atrio we've seen this problem time and again and have solved it for many clients - the typical business process in financial services as an example is widely identified as 'lead to loan' or sometimes referred to as 'quote to cash' or what we like to say 'lead to LOYALTY'. It isn't just about how quickly you convert a lead into a won opportunity but also REPEAT BUSINESS.  Below is a quick preview on how we do this.

  1. So you have developed an amazing web site - great - CHECK
  2. You've done your SEO, you've invested in Google AdWords, you've proven your ranks on search results - the unique visitors are piling in - CHECK
  3. You wait for the phones to ring, the forms to be submitted - CHECK
  4. CONGRATULATIONS - the easy stuff is done and now is where it gets complicated - every detail matters - The value of a lead diminishes significantly over time so lets get busy.

Step One: Make Sure Forms are available on your web site

Step Two: Make sure the form is able to save contact information in your CRM system.

Step Three: Make sure you have workflow configured to route 'leads' to appropriate ques or contacts for inbound qualification

Step Four: Make Sure you have a dashboard(views) created to be able to monitor the lead qualification process real-time preventing any lack of follow-up. 

Step Five: (Optional) Integration to Kelly Blue Book(auto) or Zillow(home) to capture trad-in or home value. Often times we will capture public third party data to enhance a lead.

Step Six: Capture Loan Application/Documentation: See screen shot below.  CRM Loan Application form and process is configured for your specific loan application/origination process:

Step Seven: (Optional) Integration to Credit Check third parties in order to get a real-time credit score. 

Step Eight: Close out Loan with DocuSign Signature(electronic)

 Dynamics CRM Process Flow and DocuSign(tm) Integration

Dynamics CRM Process Flow and DocuSign(tm) Integration

As you can see the entire process from beginning to end can be automated which reduces the time greatly allowing your resources to close more business in less time which means profitable growth.

For more information please feel free to contact us and we will schedule a discussion/demonstration.