Atrio Goal Wizard

A Microsoft Dynamics
Add-On Product

What gets measured gets done! Atrio Goal Wizard lets you quickly create and copy goals. The ability to add and manage goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is great. Adding these can be a bit tedious and take a long time. 

Atrio Goal Wizard reduces the time to create and update goals by 90%.

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  • Process driven wizard & bulk goal creation
  • Excel-like editor & sortable grid
  • Copy & paste goals from Excel and other data sources
  • Supports periods, stretch goals, query types, multiple goal owners
  • Auto calculate period goals based on annual goal values
  • Goal copy functionality
    • Copy to new period (year, quarter, etc.)
    • Increase/decrease percentage
    • Increase/decrease period amount
    • Increase/decrease total amount


$2 per user/month
(Discount for Atrio Customers)


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For questions on Atrio Goal Wizard, please reference the User Guide below, or Contact Us Here!

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